About Soggy Doggie
We offer a unique experience in our shop. You have to see it for yourself because it’s super cool! Sure, we own the place, but ask our customers and they will tell you the same thing. They love coming here to bathe their dog. How many people can say they love bathing their dog? Best of all, our staff is crazy about dogs! They’re very knowledgeable and friendly and always willing to go out of their way to help you. Because we care so much about the pups that come into our shop, we provide only the best products to can use during your wash.

Why wash your dog at Soggy-Doggie?

We based our dog wash on those the professionals use. We provide all the tools, shampoo, towels, as well as water set to the optimal temperature.

Remember trying to dry your dog at home? No more chasing after them with a towel, while they are shaking and rolling on your nice, clean carpet or couch. The wet dog smell syndrome is a problem we aim to solve. Our heated blow dryers ensure that your pup is completely dry before you take them into the car to head home, because nobody wants that wet dog smell to stay in their car or come into their home. You won’t get dirty either! We provide aprons for the whole family, and stools for the little ones to help out during the bathing process. Here at Soggy-Doggie we have 3 different height tubs to serve you, so no sore back.

The best part? No mess to clean up afterward!

We’re also well aware of the separation anxiety that can happen between owners and pets. If your dog is older or has certain health issues, you may hesitate to leave them with a stranger for grooming. Bathing them at home may also be out of the question because your dog requires special assistance. We’re always happy to help any dog or human in need! We know Soggy-Doggie can help give you the peace of mind you and your dog deserve, because bathing should be fun, not traumatic.

What We Do

Soggy-Doggie is the alternative to bathing your dog at home. You can bring your dog in at any time to our grooming facility no appointment necessary, and you will find the proper tools, top of the line shampoo and conditioner, and towels. Everything you need the get the job done! We created Soggy-Doggie because we know the pain of washing your dog at home. We’ve been there, and it’s a mess. The bathroom ends up soaked, the tub is dirty and hairy, and now you have a sore back. As members of the animal lover community, we realized many of our friends had the same woes about bathing their four-legged family members.

Are you ready to experience the Soggy-Doggie difference?

Bring your 4-legged friend any time for a wash! No appointment needed!

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